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Who the heck is Elizabeth B

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Just who am I? 
My name is Elizabeth Brereton and I am from Cornwall in the UK. I am a Person Centred Counsellor and  work with domestic violence, grief (bereavement), anxiety and depression to name a few.  To Me grief is not just the death of someone you love but could be the death of an animal who you adored, could be the loss of a job you loved, or a car that you had to give away.  
Person Centred Counselling is part of the Humanistic Family of therapy whereby the person is looked at as their unique selves, not a number, not a machine but a wonderful human being, with all their complexities.  Carl Rogers, in the 50s, founded Person Centred Counselling focusing on the client and how they feel about themselves with the counsellor being there with them and not being the 'expert', going through the discovery with the client not telling the client what to do.
When I am in the counselling session my client is the most important person in that room.  I see nothing but my client.  I hear nothing but my client!  
When my client talks I note their way of speaking, sitting and what they are not telling me and I believe what they are saying.  In my own way I try to understand things from their point of view.
I am not perfect.  I am human.  I am myself in my sessions - what you see is what you get.  I do not know all the answers and do not pretend to know but I will help you find your way as I do believe that we have the answers within ourselves and with the right atmosphere together we, hopefully, can find ways to move forward.  I am not a miracle worker but care passionately about the people I see in my counselling sessions.

Beautiful lotus flower taken from Canva - not my photo.

Person Centred Counsellor, Cornwall

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