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"I'm not perfect.... But I'm enough"

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

another wonderful quote from Carl Rogers. What did he mean?

I feel he means what is perfection, and does it matter.

What is perfect - a flower isn't, a raindrop isn't. Nothing is perfect so why do humans search for perfection. Life is full of beautiful flaws and when a person chases the perfect vision of themselves they miss the actual beauty that is within them, that is them. They miss out out on so much that is happening around them, the love of a child, the unique love of an animal, the beauty that nature allows.

Just to be is enough, just to live and love and laugh - finding goodness wherever we are and if we can not find it around us to make it. Polite, respectful, caring. Open our minds to new experiences and accept what we have and are.

Person Centred Counsellor in Cornwall - Humanistic Approach to Counselling

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